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Locks monetary.

Coin-operated locks VLS® are designed to close the cabinets or storage rooms in supermarkets and shopping centers.

Locks have an identifier, which is made by the coin of the country, which uses a lock (for Ukraine offered locks under the coin 50 kop). Locks are made for right and left doors.

Initially, the cell door was not locked storage. The key is in the keyhole and could not be extracted from there. The buyer leaves his belongings in a box and puts a coin in the slot of the desired denomination coin lock the door closes and locks the door. The key is retrieved only if the coin had been omitted. The coin is the bail for the key. Having made the purchase, the buyer opens the lock, thus returning it to its original state, opens the door and picks up things left behind. At the same time he is able to pick up your coin stored in the castle.



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